Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the daily affairs of purchasing department (including purchase settlement, production order follow-up, purchase order review, etc.);
2、Serious and meticulous work, comprehensive consideration, strong ability to accept;
3、Strong organizational, communication and coordination skills, good team spirit;
4、Proficient in office automation software (WORD,EXCEL,POWERPOINT);
5、Expand supplier resources and supplier channels, keep abreast of market trends, control costs and speed up procurement;
6、Familiar with: communication industry relevant material procurement experience, using the Internet for procurement, experienced preferred.
7、Have certain ability to resist pressure.

Structural design engineer:

Job responsibilities: 
1、Provide product related technical solutions (drawings, lists, solutions, etc.) according to customer requirements; 
2、Cooperate in the preparation of project bidding documents (drawings, lists, technical documents); 
3、Provide technical data according to the project requirements to sign the contract (drawings, list); 
4、Outside technical exchanges, on-site investigation, responsible for customer technical training, provide technical advice; 
5、Familiar with sheet metal structure design is preferred.  
Job requirements: 
1、1 year or above working experience, college degree or above, major in mechanical; 
2、Proficient in drawing software CAD, proe or solidworks, familiar with office software;
3、Enthusiastic working attitude, strong understanding and communication skills, team spirit;
4、Willing to travel on assignment. 
5、IDC room, cold channel experience is preferred.
Functional category: communication technology engineer


1.Open and flexible;
2.Strong sense of responsibility for work;
3.Able to endure hardships and adapt to business trips;
4.Obey the arrangement, can drive first;
5.Cabinet sales experience, peer experience is preferred.
Functional category: sales representative

Assistant engineer:

Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for product structure drawing and list;
2、Assist engineers to complete project tasks;
3、Cooperate with superior to finish temporary work.
Job requirements:
1、1 year or above working experience, college degree or above, major in mechanical;
2、Proficient in CAD, proe or solidworks software for structural design;
3、Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork, communication skills, modest practical, positive and decent;
4、Diligent and serious work, learning ability, a strong sense of responsibility.
Functional category: communication technology engineer

Bending work:

1. At least 3 years bending experience, familiar with agni or AMADA bending machine operator is preferred;
2. Good drawing recognition ability and spatial imagination;
3.Familiar with process, can understand loading, programming, bending;
4. Skilled use of measuring tools, can judge and avoid quality problems in the production process;
5. Familiar with daily and periodic maintenance of bending machine tools, judge and troubleshoot basic machine failures;
6. Hard-working, obey the arrangement;
7.Working experience in case, cabinet and enclosure factory is preferred.
Functional category: benders


1、 At least 1 year or 2 years working experience in gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, electric welding;
2、 Can cooperate with the company to work overtime, obey the leadership arrangement;
3、 Teamwork spirit, strong ability to work under pressure;
4、More than 2 years working experience in chassis, cabinet, shell factory or welding certificate is preferred.
Functional category: welder

Spraying supervisor:

1.More than 5 years working experience in sheet metal powder spraying;
2.Have spraying workshop management experience, have a certain understanding of powder spraying;
3.Proficient in dealing with problems in various spraying processes;
4.Experience in leading and managing teams.
Functional category: production foreman/group leader